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The morning after the night before

June 4, 2008



A packed meeting last night heard why the Post Office wants to close our post office, why parishioners believe the post office is essential and what we might be able to do to save it.


When I get time, I will post my thoughts on an emotional evening. Full credit goes to Adam Symons for chairing, panel members, Keith, Larry and all those that helped put the meeting together, the Methodist hall for hosting an overflow crowd, but – most of all – the good people of Buckland Brewer for turning up and expressing their views in a cogent and responsible way.

Time will tell if we can persuade the Post Office that the proposed closure is wrong headed. There is plenty of good evidence as we heard last night. Let’s share our views.

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More press coverage

May 25, 2008

Mopping up some of the press coverage of Devon closures from last week:


Head of Royal Mail paid £2 million

May 25, 2008

The head of the Royal Mail, parent company of the Post Office Ltd is being paid £2 million, reports the Guardian.

Royal Mail’s chief executive, Adam Crozier, will receive a near-£2m payment this summer under the company’s long-term incentive plan, according to the annual report published yesterday…

Billy Hayes, general secretary of the Communication Workers Union, said: …”This is an outrageous use of public money at a time when post offices and other Royal Mail offices are closing and postal services are being cut back. Adam Crozier is again being rewarded for managing decline instead of improvement in the company. This is a massive insult to Royal Mail employees and the public…”

Royal Mail’s chairman, Allan Leighton, defended the payout. “The payment covers three years during which the group, led by Adam and the team, has consistently exceeded expectations and met all the targets set by the shareholder…”


Post office closure document

May 22, 2008


A copy of the official post office closure document (pdf document – may take some time to load) is now available at the shop.

It shows, amongst other things, that the Post Office considers our closest alternative branch to be in Abbotsham.

Of course, Abbotsham is totally inaccessible for those in the village who rely on the bus service and a clear indication that the bean counters carrying out the exercise have either not visited the area or do not understand the local geography.